Dun da dun! Queue drum roll! Here comes my very first Wall Pics post! Whoot whoot!

I’m a little excited, sorry. Thinking of this little start, and where my site will end up in years to come with all of the wall goodness along with it…

The Skin I Live In movie poster

This film was disturbing. But at the same time enthralling. Captivating. Weird and crazy. All wrapped in to one.

If I do get my hands on this poster, I imagine I could only hang it up for a short period of time, just for the emotional experience. Emotions were triggered during that film that I seldom experience.

The story is hard to share without giving the plot away. Let’s just say it has to do with very alternative skin care. And it completely feels like a Pedro Almodóvar movie, as one would expect if you’ve seen any of his other film.