Burnt By The Sun

I’ve covered pretty much solely Hollywood films to date. Time to diversify the mix and show off some my eclectic taste.

Burnt By The Sun is a film dear to me. It’s beautiful, funny, and intensely sad at the same time. Arguably actor and director Nikita Mikhalkov’s best work.

Mikhalkov won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film in 1995 for the movie.

The poster I’d love to put on my wall is this one.

Burnt by the sun

There are several poster versions available, but this one captures the calm before the storm. The peace and tranquility before their world comes crashing down.

To lighten the tone a bit before I go. Here’s some Russian film trivia. Russian kettlebells have featured in several Soviet movies, often humorously. Check out this clip :)

The Wolverine

If you’re wall art fan of the movie poster persuasion. You likely have a fondness for comic book movie adaptations.

Marvel is King of that Universe.

And one of my favourites… The Wolverine.

The Wolverine Poster

I workout a fair bit, but the physique of Hugh Jackman in that role is stupidly impressive.

I found this NT Times interview with the Wolverine himself talking about the work it takes to getting into shape for that role.

Aside from an intense training regime, the article mentions the following:

Jackman needs to unleash the beast and let the testosterone flow freely.

Let the testosterone flow, ey..? That’s inspired me to take the plunge and try out Nugenix. A supplement for increasing free flowing testosterone in the body. I’d avoided it before because of some Nugenix scam stories. But hey, it’s natural, and what’s the worst a month or so experiment can do.

Limitless The Movie

Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper (co-starring Robert Deniro) is about a writer who’s life kind of sucks. He’s not writing, his relationship is falling apart, he’s watching TV, eating junk food… in short, a mess.


Then an old friend gives him a pill that will allow him reach 100% of his mind’s potential. Harnessing the movies hype a few so called “limitless pills” in real life have surfaced. A little suspicious, and I’m guessing highly likely not to give you the effects Bradley Cooper experienced. Things like Addium and CogniQ. Read this to see if is CogniQ a scam.

Everything changes, senses heighten, and he goes for an up and down ride.

That said, the movie poster is pretty badass, and I want it on my wall!

300: Prepare for Glory

Not the best movie of all time, but one of the most entertaining. With cult lines, like “This is Sparta”, 300 got me revved up for battle.

300 Movie 2006

King Leonidas, played by Gerard Butler, and 300 of his best men fight the Persians at Thermopylae at 480 B.C. It’s the legendary story of the Spartans defending against an impossible army by harnessing the narrow passage at Thermopylae.

The action is spectacular and the men famously ripped. I wonder were they consuming any of the spartagen xt ingredients to get in such phenomenal shape. The “300 Workout” even surfaced after the movie came out.

Movie Posters: The Skin I Live In

Dun da dun! Queue drum roll! Here comes my very first Wall Pics post! Whoot whoot!

I’m a little excited, sorry. Thinking of this little start, and where my site will end up in years to come with all of the wall goodness along with it…

The Skin I Live In movie poster

This film was disturbing. But at the same time enthralling. Captivating. Weird and crazy. All wrapped in to one.

If I do get my hands on this poster, I imagine I could only hang it up for a short period of time, just for the emotional experience. Emotions were triggered during that film that I seldom experience.

The story is hard to share without giving the plot away. Let’s just say it has to do with very alternative skin care. And it completely feels like a Pedro Almodóvar movie, as one would expect if you’ve seen any of his other film.